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Cuboids - 369 Pattern Buildings project


Outdoor pavilions for seniors

  • Year
  • Designers
    Lauri Läänelaid Renee Puusepp Vitali Valtanen
  • Type
    Outdoor structure

The Municipality of Saue commissioned two pavilions to promote social and physical activity amongst local seniors. The Reading Cuboid is for enjoying and exchanging books; the Activity Cuboid is for physical activity.\ The cuboids will be installed close to the municipal centre in Saue. The cuboids are located in the park, and can be reached via the wooden boardwalk. Both Cuboids are off-grid -  independent of utility networks and easy to move.

The external dimensions of the cube are 3X3X3.2 (h) meters. The facade of the cube is covered with a transparent polycarbonate plastic. Wood parts that are more exposed to the weather are impregnated with a wood preservative or made of heat-treated profiles. Cuboids are illuminated from the inside and draw their energy from the solar panels installed on the roof.

Saue cuboid fpr Baltsenior2.0 project

Saue kuup - Saie seenioritele

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