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Housing estate "Spring" - 369 Pattern Buildings project

Housing estate "Spring"

3 - 5 storey residential buildings

  • Year
  • Architect
    Lauri Läänelaid
  • Type
    apartment house (3 - 5 floors)

The design concept "Spring" was submitted to a public architectural competition organised by an Estonian construction group Nordecon. The competitoon was set out to find the best architectural look for the Seiler Quarter (Seiler kvartal) in the center of Parnu city. The aim of the devloper is to develop the area with 10 residential buildings with a total of 133 apartments. The development is planned in several stages. The detailed plan requires the design to take into account the surrounding environment. For example, the design of the buildings facing the river must follow the natural line of the river bank.

"Spring" design is based on the 369 Pattern Building system with external skin components made of timber frame panels. The base of buildings on the ground floor are made of precast concrete elements. The Stair-core and additional shear walls made of mass-timber elements provide structural stability.

There are are 3-5 apartment on each floor giving almost all units dual aspects. The apartment sizes range from 31m² studio flat to 107m² duplexes with up to 4 bedrooms.

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