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Musterhaus - 369 Pattern Buildings project


A Single family mass-customized concept house for the German market

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    Nomad Architects: Florian Betat Marija Katrina Dambe
Configure Your Musterhaus

The aim of the study is to help to implement a prefabricated, modular and customizable housing product, which uses the 369 industrial system in the German market, especially in the regions Brandenburg and Saxony. The research points out several design guidelines and marketing strategies which can raise the chances for a successful implementation of the product in the target market.

Firstly, a clear system has been developed, following the typical options offered by other modular housing manufacturers in Germany. As a starting point, the client chooses the desired house size. Upon the chosen size further customization can be made such as room layout choices, roof shape and facade options.

The facade options are considered as the main style determinig choice allowing the building to be a traditional German catalogue home, Bauhaus building, Scandinavian trend house or some more unique aesthetic with not such common materials, and thus answering the wishes of wide range of potential clients.

The Mini house option would satisfy the basic housing needs on the minimum possible area, yet still providing more comfort than a typical tiny house would. This could be achieved since all of the functions have been arranged in a space efficient way without reducing the standard area each function needs.

The Bungalow offers space for 1 or 2 bedrooms and choices between smaller or larger living room. Since all functions are arranged on ground floor, this house can be also offered as a barrier-free living option. In such case it is possible to also combine the guest WC and bathroom into one larger barrier-free bathroom. The entry module offers very large amount of storage space which is usually not typical for such small homes.

The Small family house is still a very compact housing option but has enough space for 2 bedrooms. Arranged on 2 floors, it has a very narrow footprint and therefore can fit well on any building site. The entry module houses stair for the access of 2nd floor. The space under the stair can function as storage space or cloakroom. As in all previous options, the wet rooms have been placed in a single module.

The Medium family house offers space for 3 to 4 bedrooms, depending on if the client wishes to have larger living room or a smaller one, as a result, giving space for an extra room. The second floor provides choice of an extension on the left or right side, so that the house can be arranged in the most optimal way for every building site and still have the desired views. The house is composed out of 3 modules of 3x6 m and 3 modules of 3x9m.

The Large family house has 5 or 6 bedrooms. On ground floor one has choice between large living room or gaining an extra room in its place. Similarly, on the 1st floor one can find 4 bedrooms or choose various room combinations for larger spaces and different functions. Again, same as in all the other house options, the wet rooms have been kept in a single module. The house is created from 3 modules of 3x6m and 4 modules of 3x9 m.


Musterhaus study report by Nomad Architects

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