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A modular redesign of a concrete building

  • Year
  • Authors (original design)
    Kadarik Tüür. Architects
  • Authors (re-design)
    Lauri Läänelaid Marianna Zvereva Renee Puusepp Egle Vogt Eero Tuhkanen Kristo Kalbe
  • An calculated fact
    5 times lighter than the original
A competition entry to Hybrid City (PDF / 34,4MB)

The Turu 21 office building was originally designed by Kadarik Tüür Architects on Turu street 21 in Tartu Estonia.

The building is planned to have 5 storeys and have both office spaces and commercial spaces on the ground floor. There will be an underground parking garage and a rooftop terrace.

The structural body of the building consists of reinforced concrete posts and reinforced concrete slabs. The three facades of the building will be covered in precast concrete panels. The front facade is intended to be glazed.

Due to the use of prefabricated modules the new building is thinner and higher than the original, but the overall layout has remained relatively similar to the original.

The building still features a central entrance hall with elevators and two staircases on each side. Ground floor is divided between businesses and upper floors are fitted for offices. The front side of the building consists of stacked M9 modules while the rear side consists of perpendicularly placed. The entrance hall has the height of two modules and the elevators now are placed within a single M6 module.

There now are fewer windows on the rear and the sides and the sizes vary. The reduced number helps to mini-mize thermal bridges.


A competition entry to Hybrid CityPDF - 34,4MB

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